Intonation adjustment is usually necessary when new strings are fitted it can also be affected by the angle of the tremolo unit. Adjusting the intonation is performed by moving the individual string saddles forward or backward.

rg350 setup

To check the intonation: Use an electronic tuner and tune the guitar to a standard pitch. Note: All lbanez guitars use A for a standard pitch. Play the harmonic at the 12th fret, compare it to the fretted noteat the 12th fret, these notes should read the same on the tuner. Before adjusting the intonation, first determine the direction that the saddle needs to be moved.

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Note: If the 12th fret is sharper than the open note, the saddle needs to be moved back. If the 12th fret is flatter than the open note, the saddle needs to be moved forward. All guitar necks are subject to great stress as a result of string tension, humidity or changes in climactic conditions. Occasionally, there are times when the neck may need adjustment.

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The truss rod is adjustable at the headstock using as allen wrench or an adjustment wrench. Note: This adjustment should be performed periodically and only by qualified repair personnel. Over adjustment can result in damage to the instrument and will no be covered under warranty. Note: Make sure the truss rod is properly adjusted before adjusting the action.

If lower than standard settings are desired, this can often result in"buzz" or "rattle" of the strings. This is caused by the string vibrating. Different gauges of strings can result in the need for truss rod, tremolo, action or intonation adjustment. Insert the tremolo arm into the arm socket and firmly push down until the arm snaps into place.

Note: Both bushings should be completely hidden. To remove the tremolo arm, firmly hold the arm at the break over point bend and pull up until the arm is released. The rotation torque of the arm can be adjusted by changing the number of bushings on the arm.

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To reduce the torque, remove one bushing on the lower side. To further reduce the torque, remove both bushings. If this happens, replace the arm bushings with new ones.Started by MashTec. Started by Hagane Started by Sammy. Started by AmD Started by prot Started by GustavoCamps. Started by HercTNT. Started by ace Started by rchrdcrg. Started by Tron2k. Started by aboy. Started by revdavesellersjr. Started by retrodoodoo. Started by darkasian Started by diygamemodz. Started by librophagus.

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Chroma game on RG Started by prot Dosbox to command line on launch!We love working on classic Arcade Games, building cabinets, trying the latest Retro-Gaming Handheld devices and tinkering with RetroPie. There are a number of videos below on the above topics.

Have fun at the Arcade! We are also excited that he read one of our e-mails in a recent episode here. Using Open Package Creator by Harteexyou could easily customize your icons, add additional games and many other uses.

Special thanks to Johnathan K. You can find more information here! Then a little game-play and what I think about the kit. If you agree, this is an option you might be interested in.

rg350 setup

In this video, we will setup the RG to allow dual-stick game-play for games like RobotronKarate Champ and others. Ben has never used an RG before this video and Robotron is his favorite game! Found this out while he was showing me around the Arcade.

In all these tests, we used the existing base firmware that shipped with each unit and used the secondary or storage microSD only for these tests.

RG-350 Tips, Reviews, Emulators & Resources

That said, this is the download link to the free tool used in this video: FAT32 Formatting tool for Windows and they do accept donations. Check out our Pocket Go Version 2 Tips page! It was a pleasure playing Quake II in this video with him and we hope you enjoy it! In this video, we did things a little differently and hope you truly enjoy it.

Check out our Review Page for more details! Check out this thorough review that will take you from Unboxing, firmware upgrade, gameplay, tips and much more! Thanks to one of our viewers, Thomas, for the info. This impressive gaming console can play the following systems:. For the latest information, also please see the link below. As I receive feedback, with problems or improvements I will update this page.

Setup Instructions to compliment this video. There are a number of configuration options which are covered in detail in this video. On the OpenCADE page, we also have many options for you to expand your system, including options for Spinners, Trackballs, Steering wheels and more coming! We do not sell these, YOU print the pieces we provide the models for you to print. This video shows you how to do it.

Lots of fun to build! This kit includes 2 wired controllers, cooling fan, heat sinks and more. This video will take you through the complete build process from unboxing, to assembly and installation and setup in RetroPie.

If interested in creating a bar-top or full size arcade cabinet from your RetroPie, then you may want to consider this. I personally have used it in x3 RPi Arcades and they work great!W elcome to the RG Tips page!

You will find assistance with new, retro and unusual tech explore the menu above for other interesting topics — new content appears frequently.

I do my best to accommodate. All content on this page is for educational purposes only. While making the first video, I was thinking ahead on the next steps. It has grown into something a bit more than I originally planned. If you have any recommendations, find errors or tips of your own, please share them! Any assistance to make this page more informative is greatly appreciated. My goal for this page is to make using your RG easier and more fun. Please share this page with anyone that might find it helpful.

I will not be changing any of the headings above the very bottom heading that states Adding Emulators Placeholder and should remain valid. To link to a specific heading on this pagego to the Table of Contents and click the link from there.

The video below was my first RG video before I really started tinkering with additional emulators, firmware upgrades, etc. Start here to get a good feel of the RG See below for more videos, mini-tutorials, helpful resources and content that have been added.

The magnetic USB-C adapter is indeed charging and makes it very convenient. The keyboard is working via the OTG cable. This is the same stand used in all my RG videos and a great way to display your cool new device.

It was designed by me and is free for you. The following are a list of issues I hope to figure out a solution for, either via firmware, emulator update or other means. In all these tests, we used the existing base firmware that shipped with each unit and used the secondary or storage microSD only for these tests. That said, this is the download link to the free tool used in this video: FAT32 Formatting tool for Windows and they do accept donations. It is very similar to using the file explorer in Windows.

Your device has two microSD slots, one used for the firmware I refer to this one as the internal microSD and the other meant for storage referred to here as the external microSD. While some may prefer to use only the firmware microSD others may prefer to utilize the secondary or external microSD for games, emulators or applications they have added to their device. This may be done by copying all. However, if you add new emulators to your system, you may also need to copy BIOS files the software needed by the emulated machine to the internal microSD.

It is for that reason, understanding how to use DinguxCmdr, will be useful. I typically copy all BIOS files to my external microSD to have them easily available when swapping between devices or testing a new firmware revision. When needed, I simply copy them from the external microSD to the associated sub-folder on the internal microSD. The left and the right. The selection can be one of the following:. It is in this case where it may be easier to remove the microSD and install it into your computer and manage files that way.

I hope the above walk-through has been helpful in making better use of the DinguxCmdr application.

rg350 setup

Open Package Creator is a useful tool if you want to re-package an OPK or customize icons, add additional games and much more. In the video above, we will simplify the installation of the TI emulator from 17 steps to only 2 See here. Comment in the video description with how you used Open Package Creator!A realm of sports, leagues, casino, bingo and poker games await you once you get on the Bet365 website.

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How to Upgrade Firmware/Emulators/Roms - Retro Game 350 (RG350)

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A tireless explorer of everyday technology, David Pogue investigates all the options so we don't have to. After happily weathering installation nightmares, customer service hiccups, and an overwhelming crush of backups, upgrades and downloads, Pogue reports back with his recommendations via his many columns, TV appearances and how-to books. And he does it all with relatable insight, humor and an unsinkable sense of pun, er, fun. All that, and he sings, too. Which cell phone to choose.

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